Thursday, February 10, 2011

Poems Cont.

Long Live Late Nights

Long live late nights,
eyes bagged and coursing weak of red
The soul of feeling needed,
here upon the living bed
Live on forever pleasure,
unknowing in a stranger's touch
Needed now like oxygen,
'til morning shines the absence of
With time always traversing,
pressure grows, I feel the strain
Children growing, we're all growing
yet I can't help but feel the same.

The Brightest Eyes of the City

All slowly crumbling buildings
Built on weakened stone foundations
Like muscles, skin and cartilage
On bones, with cracks of deep frustration
The brightest eyes of the city
Hide signs of pity, loss, and love
And embrace the thoughts that maybe
There is more to see than this, above
Old nights of tussled hair and tattered rags
Of screaming fights and packing bags
Bags packed tight beneath the eyes
That mean these things to me
The brightest eyes of the city displayed
For everyone to see
Tonight you'll sleep with happiness

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