Thursday, February 10, 2011


Here are some old poems I wrote:

She told me she was scared, with a look that broke my heart.
And I told her so.
Just take oh so careful
With me.
And with a strength I've not yet known I will lay this all down.
You'll see what it means to me to be this man.
I can barely believe
I'll bare all to make you believe
I can barely believe..........that you're the one to be scared.

Screams of Laughter
I propose a shouting contest
Let’s make Silence plug his ears
When our throats are raw, from screams and laughter,
We'll collapse amongst the great years
Often we feel best when it seems things should be strange
We're all alone rejoicing in the new
We're trading noise for sense, and laughing in the face of change
Emblazoned in the heat of the summer’s sweat and dew

Upon the corner turned
A breathy sigh from lips did hither come
My interest piqued, i did espy
Your flesh encased in ivory silk, the moon upon your eyes. 
The sight of such a godless thing, did rattle all my bones
For I had gazed upon the vessel left to wither, all alone
And when within me, all the pother it did settle so
I sat upon the boards, to weep, and to the moon an oath did sew:
III.Mores IV.Oneiric
...Long since the time has passed that I thought true and woeful of you
But still from time to time I find your face upon my mind.
I've wondered through oneiric states of lives not meant for wretched souls
There caged behind the cowardice and mores I lie whole
Here now I plea a pledge unto the span and future's past
I give my love to you that was the first if not the last.

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